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Why choosing our partnership program?

Integrate to your portfolio our High quality, High demand remote access and virtualization solutions.
  • Scalable recurring revenue stream

  • Reseller discounts

  • Pre sales, sales and tech support and assistance

  • NFR Licenses

  • Marketing and sales material and support

  • Products and customer acquisition trainings

  • Regional leads & prospect referrals

Extend the reach of your business

Gain customer trust and relevancy

Our Value Added Reselling initiative helps our Partners to release their full revenue potential and to deliver as many services with the lower marginal cost as possible.
No Membership Fee Required
The Thinfinity Partner Program is a fee free partnership designed to empower companies so they can help Thinfinity customers and end-users to adopt Successful Cloud Solutions
Entire Thinfinity Portfolio Enabled
Provide access to Remote Applications and Desktops with Thinfinity Cloud Services for Hybrid and Fully Hosted deployments in no time and Thinfinity Cloud licenses to integrate, customize and develop solutions adding value on top of Thinfinity Products
During the Partner Success Path you’ll get Thinfinity Certifications based on completed trainings and projects successfully deployed
Cloud Architecture and Deployment Support
Thinfinity Products and Services aims to reduce digital transformation’s costs. The Cloud Architecture plays a key role optimizing both budgets and staff’s tasks