Slide Reliable and Cost-Efficient Remote access to your desktops and applications Thinfinity enables remote work while eliminating complexity & security issues – Integrate and modernize your existent architecture Book a Live Demo Free Consultation Thinfinity Cloud On-Premises Landing

Private – Hybrid – Public

Run Thinfinity on any enviroment

  • Data center - VPS - Private Clouds

  • Hybrid Deployments

  • Azure - Aws - GCP -


Secure your environment, data and personal information

  • 2FA and MFA

  • AD integration - Azure AD integration - AWS AIM integration

  • No need to modifying firewall rules

  • BYOD Compliant


Cost Effective

Pay a flat fee and scale up or down as much as you need

  • Starting at 14.99 per user (Concurrent)

  • Fully scalable

  • No minimum commitment

  • Licensing Pool - High Availability

Thinfinity — Cloud integration

All the features you need to create a modern integrated ecosystem


Send printing jobs from any device to any remote or local printer

File transfer

Upload and download files from the remote desktop or remote applications on a single action

Full-screen experience

Get a local like user experience running your applications on full screen on any device.

Touch Gestures

Android and Ipad users can use native gestures on its devices

Seamless navigation

Local like user experience with latency rates close to zero

Drag and drop

Drag and drop files from your device to your remote application

White labeling

Customize the Thinfinity portal with your logo and styles

Chrome OS

A seamless experience on Chrome OS. No installations needed on the end-user side

Built-in collaboration tools

Thinfinity Rooms

We simplify video conferencing and chatting securely across your organization. Create remote sessions from your Remote Machine or RemoteApp.
  • Integrated Conference Rooms

  • HD Video and Audio

  • Chat tool

  • File Transfer

  • Session Sharring


Remote access and integration

Solving your infrastructure challenges to help move your business forward

Having a remote working solution with seamless UX and a flawless user experience on any device allows you to have a scalable and more productive workforce
More cost-effective

Reduce your TCO up to 70% compared with traditional VDI and Daas solutions

More productive

Increase your employee’s engagement allowing them to access resources anywhere at any time. Avoid disruptions and delays

Thinfinity is the most innovative virtualization solution

For Business and Enterprises

Our robust technology allows Thinfinity to adapt to every scenario and architecture.

Host it on our public cloud, a Hybrid model or bring it to your own cloud.

Get powerful cloud machines for your staff or customers.
We’ll provide you with a turnkey solution that enables you to get rid of any IT related problems
at a low cost so your team can focus on doing what they do best.  

Thinfinity Cloud Landing - Fully Hosted

Get a unified web portal to access your physical computers using any web browser.
With our Hybrid solution, you can have remote access from any device but take advantage
of your existing infrastructure to reduce cost.     Thinfinity Cloud Landing - Hybrid Hosted

Are you not so sure about the Cloud?

Install Thinfinity in minutes to deliver Windows apps to any device in your environment

and get a private cloud experience at the lowest TCO in the market. Thinfinity Cloud Landing - On-Premises