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Scalable solutions for medical software

Centralize your Healthcare IT infraestructure


Access Medical software anywhere and ensure high availability across your organization


Provide your staff with secure access on the go from any device. Access all your medical software and medical reports from a single portal.


Deliver fully featured healthcare and diagnostic desktop applications to mobile devices.


We work with partners large and small from across the globe.

Less time, more beneffits

Stay Connected

Provide medical staff with secure real-time access to information and resources on any device
High Availability
Enable High availability for mission critical medical software
Scale Without infrastructure
Get rid of any IT related problems. No need for upfront investments or expensive maintenance fees
Single Sign-On
Provide immediate on demand access to all your resources
Single Control Panel
Manage resources from a single centralized it web portal
Scale up or down
Manage private, public and hybrid resources from Thinfinity with a single line of code
Universal Printing
Your staff can print to any remote or local printer. As well as label or ticket printers with a single click.

Achieve a new frontier

Boost Medical IT Performance

Simplify medical IT with a centralized and secure approach to managing software and data.

Centralized collaboration experience

Thinfinity Rooms

Allow your staff to collaborate across sectors and facilities. Improve communication by letting your staff have HD video and audio calls and group remote sessions
  • Integrated Conference Rooms

  • HD Video and Audio

  • Chat tool

  • File Transfer

  • File Transfer Printing to remote Printers

  • Session Sharring

  • Integration with Google drive

Thinfinity is the most innovative virtualization solution

For healthcare organizations

Our robust technology allows Thinfinity to adapt to every scenario and architecture.

Host it on our public cloud, a Hybrid model or bring it to your own cloud.

Get powerful cloud machines for your staff.
We’ll provide you with a turnkey solution that enables you to get rid of any IT related problems
at a low cost so your team can focus on doing what they do best.  

Thinfinity Cloud Landing - Fully Hosted

Get a unified web portal to access any physical computer inside or outside your facilities.
With our Hybrid solution, you can provide your staff access to any resource, either medical applications or their office computers.   Thinfinity Cloud Landing - Hybrid Hosted

Are you not so sure about the Cloud?

Install Thinfinity in minutes to deliver Windows apps to any device in your environment

and get a private cloud experience at the lowest TCO in the market. Thinfinity Cloud Landing - On-Premises