Making remote learning easier

Remote access and support for academic institutions

Remotely access school computers from home PCs, Macs, Chromebooks, and mobile devices

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Fast, flexible and productive

At Class On Time

Thinfinity act as a cloud portal that enables you to access your
campus machines anywhere in the world and streams the user
interface to your browser.
Low latency
Improve productivity by allowing students to do their lab work from personal computers, Chromebooks, and mobile devices as if their were doing it locally
Any device
Teachers and students can access their apps using any PC, Mac, Chromebook, iPad or Android tablet
Allow your staff to work remotely
Teachers can access their Faculty or home computers from anywhere

Centralize and modernize your Virtual Campus

Thinfinity is an integral solution to enable remote education

  • Flexible Virtual Labs

    Deploy Cloud based virtual laboratories or access your computer campus from the same portal
  • GPU Applications on Any Device

    Run Adobe Photoshop, Autodesk, and any other graphic-intensive application from a Chromebook
  • File Transfer

    Students can upload and download files from their Chromebooks to the remote lab
  • Remote Printing

    Students can print to their local printers or school printers indifferently

Optimized technology for secure distance learning

Deliver applications and desktops to your students

Enable Distance Learning

Provide students with access to all of the Windows apps they need to complete their assignments

Optimized for Chromebooks

Your Windows applications will run like a charm on any Chromebook, no need to install anything on the student device

Modern and Secure

Provide students and staff with a secure workspace. Enable multifactor authentication and AD integration

Flexible and Mobile

Equip students with the digital tools for learning and schoolwork by letting them use any device on the go


Get a more stable and scalable solution. Allow your students to be more productive without disruptions


A fully scalable flat subscription that allows you to start small and grow as big as you need


Share files, Screens, content and have HD audio and video calls from a single interface

Zero IT Expenses

Configure and troubleshoot your users and machines from a single IT portal


The best user experience

Thinfinity Rooms

Thinfinity Rooms allows you to create a workspace that covers all your user requirements, with no need for other software.
  • Integrated Conference Rooms

  • HD Video and Audio

  • Chat Tool

  • Session Sharing

  • Integration with Google Drive

Webify your enterprise software

Free whitepaper: The challenges of Anywhere Access to ERP systems

Workforce mobility is a way of life today as remote work strategies have taken hold across businesses of all sizes and industries. Regardless of where work is being conducted, users need access to the business critical applications that make their company’s digital transformation possible. This includes ERP applications, and we have solutions.

Thinfinity is the most innovative virtualization solution

For educational institutions

Our robust technology allows Thinfinity to adapt to every scenario and architecture.

Host it on our public cloud, a Hybrid model, or in your own datacenter.

Get powerful cloud machines for your staff and students.
We’ll provide you with a turnkey solution that enables you to get rid of any IT related problems
at a low cost so your team can focus on doing what they do best.  

Thinfinity Cloud Landing - Fully Hosted

Get a unified web portal to access your physical computers using any web browser.
With our Hybrid solution, you can provide remote access from any device but taking advantage of your existing infrastructure.     Thinfinity Cloud Landing - Hybrid Hosted

Are you not so sure about the Cloud?

Install Thinfinity in your environment and deliver Windows apps to any device in minutes.

Get a private cloud experience at the lowest TCO in the market.

Thinfinity Cloud Landing - On-Premises